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Adam and I were married on March 25, 2006. We have two precious girls, Ava and Anna. Here is our story. "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Firsts!!

                                                My "cool" ballerina

                                              Ava said she is Angelina Ballerina

                                               Anna enjoying grocery shopping

Today was a day of firsts!  Ava started her dance class and Anna was able to sit in the front of the grocery cart.  Slow down time...my girls are growing up so fast!

Labor Day 2013 at the lake

The girls and I had a blast at the lake over Labor Day weekend.  Ava had a great time by overcoming some of her fears of riding in the float behind the boat and riding on the jetski.  Anna decided she likes to stand up. She has to be helped to her feet but once she is standing she is all smiles.  I was again reminded of the amazing, Godly, wonderful, loving family that I have and I am thankful!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer 2013

                                              August-First day of K4

                                              August-Ava loves Chuck E Cheese

                                              August- Anna feeding herself

                                            August- Fun times with Greenville friends

                                    August- Special time with Me-Me and Bob-Bob

                                             August- Ava learned how to swing by herself

                                            August- Blessed friendshp, Ava and Maddie

                                     August-Family time!  Two Daddy's girls

                                             August- Little friends, Anna and Ellie Kate

                                              Picnic fun with the Knox family

                                              My girls love their little pool

                                              Puddles in the park at BHBC

                                 July 4th at the lake!  Annual Tucker's Trace Picture

                                              Fun at an army birthday party

                                             Anna learned to sit up this summer!

                                             Ava participated in Drama camp

                                           My little Diva

                                                  Backyard picnic with smores!

                                      All four cousins-Hudson, Anna, Ava, McClellen

                                              Ava and Anna have a great time playing together

                                               Last day of K3

                                             Bible story time with Grammy

                                             Dance time with Daddy

                                           Field trip to Booth Cowboy museum

                                             Helping Daddy

                                             Hiking at Pitner Road park

                                             Ava's first time on the jet ski

                                  Playing with her "new" kitchen.  It was Mommy's!!

                                              Fun at the lake!!

                                             Miss Lori and Miss Wendy

                                              Mother's Day 2013

                                             Anna finger painting

                                             Pool Fun with best friends

                                              Park fun

Remember that time when I was a great blogger and I blogged and posted pictures every day or at least every week.  Well, that all changed with Miss Anna came in the picture.  This summer was both busy and laid back.  It was packed with fun times at the house, with family and with great friends.  We were having so much fun that I forgot to blog!  Since Anna was so little and still on the two, sometimes three naps a day, we stayed around the house alot this summer.  We did make some special trips to Greenville and the lake house.  We started the summer with saying goodbye to two amazing K3 teachers.  We then filled the summer with times at the park, play with friends, picnics in the back yard and finding joy in simple things.  Both my girls had a summer full of first with Ava learning to swing by herself, swimming and riding the jet ski, to Anna sitting up, eating table food and even starting to clap and move around. The summer ended with Ava starting K4 with two amazing teachers, Miss Robin and Miss Pam.  Even though it was a simple summer, it was oh so sweet!!